COVID-19 Financial Solidarity spreadsheet

A project that was started by a few friends in the East Bay has taken off. It's a simple Google spreadsheet where those who've been financially impacted by the pandemic can simply add their name to the waitlist and request help.

Here's their backstory (from their FAQ):

Hi! We’re Binya, Doe, Charlotte, and Elliya, 4 queer Jews who live in the East Bay. Doe and Binya started this spreadsheet on 3/11 and started sharing it around our community in the Oakland/Berkeley area of California. What started as a small way to support our community has gotten SO BIG now, and we are constantly working on ways to lovingly steward this project so that people can continue receiving aid!

Our view is that this is worth trying for smaller amounts - it seems like $200 - 300 might be the sweet spot. If you look at the tab in the spreadsheet with requests that are being funded and focus on the requests that are fully or mostly funded, you'll see that the best approach seems to be to include all of the information they're requesting, including relevant identities (column L) and a thoughtful, candid explanation of why you need help.

Organization: Grassroots effort; not backed by a specific organization


Location: National