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How to subscribe to a Glencrest investment on behalf of someone else

In some cases, someone other than the actual investor might want to manage the subscription workflow for investing with Glencrest. Since our investing process is managed digitally, this can create some challenges and confusion all around.

Examples of when this might be relevant:

  • A financial advisor wants to fill out the paperwork for her client

  • A child wants to manage the process for one of his parents


If you are interested in investing on behalf of someone else, please simply let us know prior to issuance of the subscription documents.

We will then configure the investor portal to send you a copy of the investor subscription package.

When the subscription package is sent out, you and the investor will both receive copies of the notice and you'll be able to fill in the information on behalf of the investor. The system will direct the e-signature package to the investor's email address.

If the investor is unable to sign the documents via electronic signature (Docusign), you can download the documents and present printed copies to the investor for execution.

Detailed process

For simplicity, let's assume that Andrew Advisor wants to complete the paperwork for Chloe Client.

Andrew and Chloe will both receive a copy of the subscription invitation email containing information about the investment and a button to start the subscription process.

Logging in

If this is Andrew's first time supporting a Glencrest investment, he'll be asked to create an account on the Glencrest investor portal:

Andrew should create an account for himself - using this account, he'll be able to view documents for Chloe (and other clients) in the future.

Investor information

One logged in, Andrew should respond to questions in the Basic information and Subscriber details sections with Chloe's information, including her email address, phone number, SSN or entity EIN, etc.

This information will be used to populate the legal documents for the subscription and will be saved in Chloe's account for future reference if she invests with Glencrest again.

Communication preferences

At the third stage of the subscription process, Andrew can specify who should receive which types of communications related to the investment.

There are a number of check boxes indicating different categories of future notifications - the three most communications we will issue most consistently are:

  • Distribution - email indicating the payment and amount of a periodic distribution

  • Tax - email indicating the availability of partnership tax documents (K-1s)

  • Quarterly report/audit - periodic report describing business operations, progress against our plan, etc.

Andrew might, for example, choose to receive all communication types and limit those that Chloe will receive. Note that Andrew can also add other communication recipients, e.g., a tax accountant, and limit the communications these additional folks will receive.

These setting can be modified at any time in the investor portal.

Document review

The final stage of the subscription workflow (prior to signing and funding) is the document review. Andrew will notice that the documents have been populated with Chloe's information (based on Andrew's responses to the questions in the prior sections).

He can review the documents online or choose to download them for printing.

Once he's comfortable with the documents, he should click the Sign electronically button. He can then send the documents for signature via Docusign to Chloe.

If he'd prefer to give Chloe printed versions of the documents to review and sign, Andrew should contact us and we'll arrange for that option.

Subsequent access

In the future, Andrew can see documents related to Chloe's investment by logging back into the investment portal using the credentials he used when he first started her subscription process.


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