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Generations investing: Transferring an existing position

If you would like to change the name in which one or more of your positions with Glencrest are held, we can help make that happen.

The operating agreement that you signed when you made your initial investment(s) allows for certain permitted transfers without our prior written consent. For the full text outlining permitted transfers, please see Section 8.02 in the Operating Agreement(s) for the entity or entities of which you're a member through your Glencrest investment(s).

Accessing Glencrest operating agreements

To access the Operating Agreement(s) for your investment(s) in the Glencrest investor portal, please:

  • Log in to the Glencrest investor portal

  • Select Documents in the top navigation bar

  • Click the Category button

  • Click the checkbox for Subscription materials

  • Click the name of the Operating Agreement to download a PDF version of the document or Preview to view without downloading the document

For transfers that fall within the definition of Permitted Transfers (e.g., to a trust for which you're a trustee or to a validly formed entity such as an LLC or corporation that has the same ownership as your current position and you have full control over that entity), you simply need to notify us of the requested change. We'll then acknowledge receipt and re-title your positions accordingly in our investor management software.

If the transfer does NOT fall within the definition of Permitted Transfers, we'll be happy to work with you to accomplish your goals but it might take a bit more back and forth.

Process for permitted transfers

Assuming that the transfer you'd like is permitted under Section 8.02 of our standard Operating Agreement, please fill out the Glencrest Position Transfer Information form.

Note the following definitions which may not be immediately familiar or intuitive:

  • Transferor - the name or entity in which your position is currently held (from which you'll be transferring title)

  • Transferee - the entity to which you'd like to transfer your position(s)

  • Subject interest - this is the amount of each position that you'd like to transfer, stated as a percent. We expect that most of our investors would transfer 100% of each position, e.g., from individual ownership to a trust or LLC, but it's possible that you might want to transfer some fraction of your ownership of each position to the new entity.

Once we receive the information you submit through the transfer form, we'll create transfer agreements with the relevant information and send to you for electronic signature. From when you submit your form, it will likely take us a day or two to get you a completed form for e-signature.

After you've signed the form(s), we'll counter-sign and post the fully executed agreements in your investor portal for future access. We generally like to avoid emailing documents like this as they'll contain sensitive information such as your taxpayer identification number.

Process for non-permitted transfers

Should you want to transfer your position in a way that isn't contemplated please email us at so we can talk through specifics.

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